Pick Up Lines ~ 201 Flirty Lines to Impress Boys or Girls

The biggest and best collection of  Pick Up Lines for girls and boysWe have already published a very nice collection of Corniest Pick Up Lines Of himOne Liner Pick Up Lines and  Lame Pick Up Lines. You should also stumble on these link and check these flirt pick up lines to become a pro. These are well written Pickup lines for any situation you are present.

Flirt is an art which everyone don’t know. But you can work on those skill and become a pro. You have to work hard and left your shyness behind. You may also get dishearten several times. But, don’t worry one day you will defiantly get the success. Every boy or girl have a desire to have a boyfriend or girlfriend with him and her.

Whether  you are a boy or girl, if you want any man or woman in your life then you should give your first short. You can try any one of these pick up lines to try for the first time. Don’t worry everything will go right.

Pick up Lines for Girls

  • You are so cute and lovely that you make me wanna go out for a job.

  • Boy says: “Do you know, I am constantly on a spiritual high.”

    Girl: “Oh Yeah? why?”

    Boy: “Because I get to see you every day.”

  • Are you my Appendix? Because I Have a funny feeling in my stomach that makes me feel like I should take you out.

  • Hey, I am going to write a phone book. So, Can I have your phone number?

  • If I have to rate you from 1 -10. then I will rate you only 9 because I am the 1 your need to become 10.

  • Please help me with my Science Project? I need to know how to get to Uranus.

  • You Know What is the most beautiful thing in this world read the first word of this line.

  • My Friends think that you are very cute, But in my thoughts that you are absolutely stunning!

  • I want you to let you know something but I am always scared to tell you. So Can you just say those 3 magical words for me?

  • Are you imported from McDonald’s? Because I am loving it!

  • Do you purchase your shirt – pant from a sale? Because they are going to get 100% off tonight.
  • You lips are feeling so lonely.. would they want to meet mine?

  • (Ask him/her the time) So today is 10:30 am on June 24, 2017. I just wanted to remember the exact time when I first met the Man/ woman of my dreams.

  • If a fat man kidnaps you and put you into a bag, Don’t worry I will tell Santa to gift me you on this Christmas.

  • Give 12 Roses, 11 real and 1 fake and tell her that, “I will stop loving you when all of the roses will die.”

  • Don’t Reply with the word if you want to go out for dinner. Just smile for yes or Do a Backflip for NO.

  • Did we are in same class, cause you look familiar? I Think we have some chemistry.

  • If I was an enzyme, I would be a DNA Helicase So that I could unzip your genes.

  • The can feel the love when you are not able to sleep because the reality is far better than your dreams.

  • I know you are good at algebra, Can you replace my X without asking Y?

  • You are the HCl and I am your NaOH. Let’s together make the ocean of sweet love.

  • If you get to know that I work for UPS, Would you let me handle your package?

  • Now I get to know why everyone calls me beaver because I am dying for your wood.

  • Do you want to have an Australian Kiss? It’s same as French kiss but you have to do it down.

  • Hello, Darling!! You want me to come to your home for math tuition. Then I will add, subtract, multiply and divide everything in one single day.

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Pick up Lines for Girls

Pick up Lines for Girls

Flirty Pick Up Lines For Your Girlfriend

  • Will you sleep with me or I will lie to my diary?

  • How you so many eggplants because that body is kidney beans.

  • If you are going to regret in the morning, then we can easily sleep till afternoon.

  • Our relationship is strong, that it will easily survive every season of the Big boss.

  • I am not Rapunzel, But I will still let you pull my hair.

  • Did you sleep early last night? Because I saw your beauty all night.

  • Would you mind leaving? I am harp xo phobic and I am afraid you will take my breath away.

  • Hey Darling, Would you like to have some more alcohol to make this reaction faster?

  • Excuse me, I think you dropped something back there.  The conversation we pick it up tonight.

  • My love is like diarrhea, I can never hold it anyway.

  • Baby, If you are the words on paper, then you would be called a FINE PRINT!

  • When I was walking by you, I noticed that you are stalking me. So what’s up?

  • I was just wondering if you had an extra heart because Mine seem to stop working.

  • I just wanted to know how beautiful you are and wondering if you could buy me a drink?

  • Forget about Pick up lines, I Just need break up lines “is there so much hotness or the relationship is so much suffocating. “

  • Do you know ABC? I Just want to give you the 4th letter of Alphabet.

  • Have You watched the most beautiful picture of a person? Then just hold the mirror in front of you.

  • I was so enchanted with your beauty and cuteness that I walked over the wall to get your name and number for insurance purpose.

  • Hello, Are your parent’s beavers, Because You are DAMMMMMMM……

  • Please Someone call police! Because it is totally illegal to look so good!

  • You are photos who can balance mine over excited electron.

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Flirty Pick Up Lines For Your Girlfriend

Flirty Pick Up Lines For Your Girlfriend

Best Female Pick Up Lines For Males

  • Hii, I have a Microsoft installed on my heart. Can You crash it tonight?

  • Do you have a Band-Aid with you? Because I Scratched my knee by falling for you.

  • Are you from Russia? Because Whenever you are close to me you Russian my heart rate!

  • Fhewww!!! You are hotter than the bottom of my laptop.

  • On the scale of 1 to 10, If you are 9.. then I am the only 1 you need.

  • Feel My Clothes. So you know what it is made of? Full of boyfriend material.

  • Do you like maths? Because I want to ADD you into my life, SUBTRACT your Cloths, DIVIDE Your Legs and MULTIPLY ourselves.

  • Please Bring you all feelings for me to the church on Friday night. Because I am sure our feelings are mutual.

  • [Stare on her shirt’s label] when she says, “What are you doing?” Just respond: “Yep! Made in heaven!”

  • Are you a musician vampire? cause My all organs are getting filled up with blood.

  • I without you is like a shoe without laces and a sentence without spaces.

  • You must be a magician??? Because of Abraca DAYUM!

  • Nice Package! Let me help you to unwrap it.

  • You are the photon who balance my electron because you always excite me in the highest energy level.

  • I am having a secret and I don’t intend to keep it.

  • I am easy. Are You?

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Best Female Pick Up Lines For Males

Best Female Pick Up Lines For Males

Cute & Dirty Nerdy Pick Up Lines for her

Try these nerdy science pick up lines For Girl. She will definitely get impress by the way you throw these flirt One lines for Girls and boys.

  • You are an acid substance on my litmus paper because every time I meet you, you turn me bright red.

  • If you touch my hand, then I can tell my friends that an Angel had touched me today.

  • Direct your beauty to somewhere else, Otherwise you will set fire everywhere.

  • Yesterday, I lost my teddy bear! Will you be my teddy bear for tonight?

  • If I can print you as on word on paper, You become a FINE Print.

  • You are so beautiful and has U in it, But “Quickie” Has U and I together.

  • Dating me is same like being in a rickshaw on a pot hole road!

  • Do you like eggs? I want Mine fertilized.

  • Could you help me to stick something down my throat so I can test my gag reflex?

  • If I say I am an employee of FedEx, Would you let me handle your package?

  • Do you boys know that we always keep on tasting out own tones…. Can I taste yours for a change?  [That was smooth]

  • Did you just Fart? Because I just got blown away!

  • I am a secret agent spy. come on me to keep your life safe.

  • You must sit on the top of Christmas tree. Because you are my Christmas angel.

  • I lost my teddy bear! Can I sleep with you?

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Top Geeky Pick Up Lines For woman

  •  I heard that you are an expert in algebra. Can you replace my “X” with your “Y”
  • I bet you $20, You can easily turn me down.

  • Let of back to home and watch “those” movie on my flat screen mirror

  • Just Smile or DO a Backflip to tell me that you want to go for a dinner.

  • I don’t know about your beauty. I haven’t got away my eyes from you.

  • A scientist has researched a new element called as Beautiful. It is made up of you.

  • Please Do me a favor and touch my hand. I want to show off to all my friends that An angel has touched me.

  • Are you a German Girl? Because I want to be Ger-man!

  • You are so beautiful That you made me forget my Pick up lines.

  • I am not a weatherman, but I can easily predict few inches tonight.

  • What is your favorite silverware? Because I like to spoon!

  • One Dat and I will clean you off your feet.

  • I hear that you are a bad boy. Now go to My room!

  • Out of the 8 planets in the universe, I want to destroy Uranus.

  • Tell me your name, I am gonna scream it tonight.

  • I think you look lot smilier to hot chocolate.

Nerdy Pick Up Lines for her

Nerdy Pick Up Lines for her

The Best Pick Up Lines Ever To Say To A Girl

  • I might be ugly but I will always treat you right!

  • If you are a fruit, you would be a Fine-apple!

  • Pinch me up. [Why?] Just want to check that I am not dreaming.

  • Girl, If You are a page, Then I would have printed FINE all over it.

  • I am blinded by your beauty. I am going to need your name and Date of birth for the Insurance.

  • Are You a Salman Khan Fan? I Love Shahrukh Khan! I Always want my babies to be mixed race.

  • Are you a WiFi? Because I can feel a strong connection between Us.

  • You are so fine that I Bet you reject all rickshaw wallah.

  • Are you Leban’s sword? Because You are extremely fine.

  • You look so familiar.. did we take any class together? There must be some chemistry between us.

  • Are you a Gadianton robber? Because someone just stole my heart.

  • Hii, You can never spell “Calculus” without “US”

  • Are you feeling Cold? Do you want to use me as a blanket?

  • Do you Smoke pot? cause Week be cute together.

The Best Pick Up Lines Ever To Say To A Girl

The Best Pick Up Lines Ever To Say To A Girl

Beste Pick Up Lines for Him

  • Hello, Tie your shoes! I do not want you to fall for anyone else.

  • Hey, Baby, I am a Firefighter! I find them hot and leave them wet.

  • My love for you is like diarrhoea , I just can not hold it anymore.

  • Are you a fruit, because Honey you know how fine you look now?

  • Hello, Come to MySpace and Twitter with my Yahoo till I Google All over your Facebook.

  • I want to do all those Dirty things which are much dirtier than all water bodies in the world.

  • I want to put my thingy into your thingy.

  • Your name must be Coca Cola, Cause you are very so-da-licious

  • You are a way to hotter than the Bunsen burner. You always turned me on.

  • If kisses are like snowflakes, Then I have sent you a blizzard.

  • Tell me your name so I know what to scream tonight.

  • Stand still so I can easily pick you up.

  • You have all the permission to do anything.

  • Did your heart have a prison? I would love to get sentenced for life.

Greatest Pick Up Lines Ever for Boys

  • Are you the square root of two? Because I feel irrational around you.

  • Let’s spend some time together. You will bring the breaker and I will stir my rod.

  • If I could Have you in bed, I would not need a blanket to keep us warm.

  • How would you like to have you sausage… blown or scrambled?

  • No Ring on the finger? You should be someone’s husband.

  • If I had a lily whenever I think about you. Then I must have a huge garden of lily.

  • If I would have known That I am going to get wet. I would have worn my bikini.

  • If My question is about love making, Will your answer be the same as the answer to this questions

  • I can do dirtier things than all the Indian’s water bodies.

  • Bring your beaker to my place. I will stir my rod on that.

  • You are a photon of my life who balance the excitement of my electron.

  • Your body must be made of elements like oxygen and neon because you are the One.

  • I Knew I had felt the spirit at EFY, but I did not think I had seen an Angel!

  • Hey, I am writing down all the terms and condition on a paper and I am trying to interview you?

  • Your eyes are like a blue ocean and I want to get lost on that.

Greatest Pick Up Lines Ever for Boys

Greatest Pick Up Lines Ever for Boys

Corny & Nerdy Science Pick Up Lines Taglog

  • You are a non-volatile particle. because you always raise my boiling point.

  • Excuse Me, But I think I dropped Something. My JAW!

  • Are you a Google? cause you are the answer to everything that I am searching for.

  • What is a boy/girl like your doing in this telestial place?

  • Hi, My Name is {Name}, but you can give a call tonight.

  • If you are a fruit then you must be a fineapple.

  • Do you drink milk? I am sure did your body good.

  • Can you take me to a bakery? Because I want a cutie pie like you!

  • Hey, I just deleted my shaadi.com profile for you.

  • Did you sleep early in last night? I think you got your beauty sleep.

  • I am new to this city. can you please guide the direction to your Flat.

  • Science says Skin is the largest organ on the human body? But it is not true in my case.

  • If it is true that we are what we eat, Then I could be you by the next morning.

  • Well, Here is your Jinnie. What are your other two wishes?

  • Excuse Me, But I think I dropped My JAW somewhere!

Geeky Pick Up Lines To Say To A Girl 

  • Were you father boxes? Because you always completely knock me out!

  • I was a Gambler, but then I realised that you are my queen of dreams.

  • What do you say we use my lever to shift your center of mass?

  • You must be made up of beryllium, gold, and titanium. Because you are BE AU TI… Full.

  • You are so hot that my phone starts heating when I talk to you.

  • Let hit back to my place and make a Covalent Bond?

  • Did you hit the doorbell? Well, You can anytime come inside.

  • Don’t worry, I am not drunk. You must be intoxicated me.

  • Your hotness can melt me like an ice cream cone in the summer sun.

  • I can take off my pants in 2 sec. Let’s see your best time.

  • Can not spell “U patriotic” without “u” and “I”

  • I  am not so tall. I am just sitting on my wallet.

  • Did you sit on the pile of sugar? Because you are pretty sweet.

Worst Pick Up Lines Ever to get a girl

These worst ever pick up lines which everyone should avoid. Because they are used the most. 

  • I lost my bear. Can I sleep with you?

  • Is that a leg in your pant?

  • My Body is a beaker, just come up with your rod.

  • Are you a squirrel? Because your nuts are prominent.

  • Did you belong to German? Because I want to be you Get-Man!

  • I play the field and it looks like I just hit a home run with you.

  • You are a non-volatile particle. that why my boiling point is so high.

  • Hi Baby, You are so fine you make me stutter, wha- wha what’s your name?

  • You must get Tan, because of your hotness.

Worst Pick Up Lines Ever to get a girl

Worst Pick Up Lines Ever to get a girl

  • Are You a 90 degree Angle? Because you are always right!

  • If looks really kill, Then you will be a nuclear weapon.

  • Hello, Do you have a few spare minutes for me to try my luck on you?

  • Girl, If You are a page, Then I would have printed FINE all over it.

  • I am not a genie, But I can make you all dreams come true.

  • Roses are red, My face is too, This happens when you are around me.

  • Are you the inventor of the airplane? Because You always seem wright for me.

I hope you like these Special Pick up lines for boys and girl. Do share these with other.


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