51 Lame Pick Up Lines for Guys, Girls & Boys

Are you looking for some funnies and lame pick up lines for guys and girls? Then I am sure that you will like these lame pick up lines make the guy or girl happy with these funny one liners.  You may have searched a lot of flirt lines out in the internet. But, the lines for flirting you will find over here are totally unique and you will love to use on any girl or a boy.

There is no age barrier on this pick up lines. You can use these lines on man and woman of any age group. As i always say in this blog. Just have the confidence inside you and try these lines.

All the Best…!!!

 Funny Lame Pick Up Lines Tinder

Have fun with these funny lame pick up lines for tinder user.

  • I have an “owie” on my lips. Can you please kiss and spread some love on this?

  • If stars fall on every time I think about you, Then the sky must be empty till now.

  • Thanks to god I am having a library card with me because I am totally checking you out.

  • Excuse me, Girl, I don’t want to sound weird, but you are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. I just for you and I just want to tell you.

  • If your name Google? Because you know everything I have been teaching for.

  • You do not need any key to drive me crazy for you.

  • If you stand in front of a mirror with one rose, then you will see 2 roses. Because you are the most beautiful thing in the world.

  • The best thing about dreams is that they are totally free. If I was charged for your dreams, then I must get bankrupt.

  • They say dating is a number game…. so can I get your number?

  • I am not so tall am sitting on my wallet.

  • Hey, Didn’t I see on the cover of Vogue?

  • I won’t throw up a pick-up line If you buy me drink.

  • If you are a book of the library, I would have checked you first!

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 Funny Lame Pick Up Lines Tinder

Funny Lame Pick Up Lines Tinder

Lame But Funny Pick Up Lines

  • Hey, I am doing a survey, What You Name? What’s Your fathers day? What is your phone number? Are you free Next Sunday?

  • Are you name WiFi? Because I am feeling a strong connection with you.

  • Is there any WiFi connection over there, I can feel a strong connection over here.

  • If nothing lasts for forever, Will you become my nothing?

  • Can you please touch me, so That I can tell all my friend That an Angel has touched me.

  • It’s great that I am having a Library card, It helped me to check you out.

  • You must be a dictionary Because you are adding all the meaning in my life.

  • If I would have the capability to rearrange the order of the alphabet, then I must have put U and I together.

  • If I am a king and you are my queen, Will you be my mate in the game of chess?

  • Would you allow me Du-bai you a drink?

  • I posted my phone.Can I borrow your phone number?

  • Send me your name otherwise, i will give you mine

  • Hey, hows the heave when you left it?

  • I never know that the angles also stay with us.

  • If there is no sun, then you will be the hottest thing in this world.

  • Do you work at subway? Because you gave me a footlong.

  • You must be a chicken farmer, that why you raise my cock.

  • Hey, Girl, you are turning my software into hardware.

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Lame But Funny Pick Up Lines

Lame But Funny Pick Up Lines

Really Lame Pick Up Lines To Use On Guys

  • If I receive one rose for every time I think about you, Then I must be walking in a rose garden.

  • If a thousand painters work together to paint an art, they would have failed in front of your beauty.

  • If you have a parrot then put it on this shoulder or this shoulder. [ the Last shoulder put your arm around it.]

  • Roses are red,

    Lemons are sour,

    Open your legs & give me an hour.

  • Hey, Do you have few minutes for me to hit on you?

  • Hey, Darling, You must be a light switch, Because every time I saw you, You instantly turn me on.

  • If I receive a 1 cents for the overtime I see as beautiful as you, Then I will only have 1 cents left with me.

  • If boys were bloggers, I would pick you up first.

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Really Lame Pick Up Lines To Use On Guys

Really Lame Pick Up Lines To Use On Guys

Funny Lame Jokes Pick Up Lines For Guys

  • Tell me your name otherwise I will call you mine

  • DO you believe in love at first sight or should I walk once again to make it happen?

  • If I was an Operating system, Then All your task will me be on my top priority list.

  • Hi Baby, I am sure you are a light switch because, over time I see you, you turn me on!

  • I was wondering, do you have an extra heart, Because someone stole mine.

  • If I say that you have a beautiful body, will you hold it next to me?

  • Hey Girl, are you a German? As I want to be a Get-Man!

  • Apart from Being beautiful, what all you do for your living?

    Funny Lame Jokes Pick Up Lines For Guys

    Funny Lame Jokes Pick Up Lines For Guys

  • I am not expert in making a pie, But you have made my banana “cream”!

  • I want to be your shoes because I want to stay with you in your every step.

  • You must be a broom, because whenever I see youIt’sYou always swept me off my feet.

Funny Lame Jokes Pick Up Lines For Girls

Funny Lame Jokes Pick Up Lines For Girls

I hope you like these lame pick up lines for anyone. Enjoy your day!!


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