85 Corny Pick Up Lines For Him ~ FLIRT WITH ANY BOY

Ok!! You must be a girl that why you are here in the search of best Corny Pick Up Lines For Him. I know for every girl it is very difficult to flirt with a boy. But, don’t worry i am here with a massive collection of funny pick up lines for girls to use on guys. I am pretty sure you will like these pun pick up lines for flirting like a pro.

You choose from the collection of these cheesy pick up lines dirty for him and become a pro in flirting. You can thank me later down below in the comment section. I just want to tell you don’t be shy while using these one liners on him. Just have the confidence and become the pro of flirting.

Best Corny Pick Up Lines For Him

I hope you will find these Hilariously Funny pick up lines for him useful. May you will also enjoy the collection after the proposal to the lucky boy.

  • Are you gorgeous from inside as you are from outside??

    Ok, you will get the meaning of it if your read it little dear. It gets your point across though, then you can start working on your new love interest.

  • Hi, What’s you name? Because I need to know what will I screen tonight.

  • You are much hotter than a sunburn.

    This is totally honest and straight forward. this directly helps you to hit on his mind and make your point clear.

  • You look familiar. Are you a model?

    By this way, you can easily give her a compliment and start a positive conversation.

  • Did you know me? You look familiar. Let’s know each other If you we don’t.

  • “BEAUTIFUL” has U in it, But “QUICKIE” has U & I together.

  • Can you please show me the directions to your heart?

    Corny pick up line but cute and adorable for him.

  • I was blinded by your glamor and smartness. I want to get your last name for the lifetime.

  • Hey Smarty, Do you want to play firefighters? Tonight we will practice “Stop, drop and roll”

    This is an outstanding pickup like and works wonders. If he is a fireman, then this pickup like is supercooled.

  • You have been so naughty always, Just go to my bedroom.

    This is almost too corny flirt pickup line to work. Unless You are confident, stick to any other believable line.

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Best Corny Pick Up Lines For Him

Best Corny Pick Up Lines For Him

Pun Pick Up Lines For Flirting with boy

  • You are a parking ticket. All I can see FINE written on you.

  • You are ugly, but you interest me.

    This Pick up line is not for everyone. This Pick up line can be used to the boy with the crueler sense of humor.

  • I need a Band-Aid. I just screwed up my knee falling for you.

  • Are you son of beavers, because DAMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

  • Roses are red, Violets are blue, You are my Prince charm, I want to be your queen.

  • Many people say that Disneyland is the happiness place, But, for me, the happiest place on earth is been in your arms.

  • Boy: Hey Girl, Whats your number?

    Girl: I have a boyfriend.

    Boy: I have a Mathematics Test.

    Girl: What?

    Boy: I Thought we were talking about the things we can cheat on the exam.

  • I lost my teddy. Can you sleep with me?

    this is a corny and cute Pick up lines which can break the ice and bring the laugh. Try this one corny pick up lines on him to bring the smile on his face and try your luck out. these pick up lines can be used by any girl.

  • Roses are red, Violets are fine. I will be 6 and you will be 9.

  • Are you a daughter of a military general? Whenever I walk beside you, Your privates gonna stand in attention.

  • Are you a carpenter? Because I am looking for a deep shag.

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Corniest Pick Up Lines Ever

Funny Pick Up Lines For Girls To Use On Guys

  • Do you want to give me an Australian kiss? It’s same like a French kiss but you also going down under.

  • Earlier you have 206 bones. Now, You will have one more.

  • His, Just come over to myspace and twitter with my Yahoo. Till I google all over your facebook.

  • You always remind me of the pinky toe because I am going to bang you on every furniture.

  • Are you my Appendix? Because I am having a funny feeling in my stomach that makes me take you out.

  • This time is the best time for anything. Let’s go for a date.

    Try this pickup line on him to take him out.

  • This sun hides dues to jealousy because even he is cooler than you.

    Beautiful pickup line to through on any boy you like.

  • Most people like to watch the sports celebration ‘Olympics’ because this event occurs once a 4 year. but I would rather talk to you cause the chance of meeting an amazing person like you only once in a lifetime.

  • I am not a weather predictor. but I can easily predict that there will be some inches tonight.

  • let me sit on your lap and so we can talk all about the first thing that comes up.

Pun Pick Up Lines For Flirting with boy

Pun Pick Up Lines For Flirting with boy

Flirty Pick Up Lines For Him

  • I am not a pro Photograph, but I can click awesome photos of me and you together.

  • On the scale to 10, You are 9 and I am 1 you only need.

  • I might be wasted tonight, But the balloon in you purse does not get wasted.

  • If you were a chicken, You would be impeccable.

  • Feel his shirt and ask him, is this cotton?“ Wait for few seconds. Then touch his lower area and say, “Ohh, This must be felt”

  • I am not a weather woman, but i can easily predict more than a few inches tonight.

  • No ring on the finger? You should be someone’s husband.

  • Try to feel my shirt. You will get to know I am a perfect boyfriend material.

  • I always wanted to say you something which I am always scared off. So, Just say those 3 magic words for me.

  • My Friends bet on me that I can’t start the conversation with him coolest boy in this bar. wanna drink beer with their treat??

Cheesy Pick Up Lines Dirty For Him | Dirty One :p

  • These all are very nice pant. I want to test its zipper

  • DO you sleep on your stomach? He: No… you: Can I?

  • You can call me a Garbage woman Because I want to handle a big junk like you in my entire life.

  • DO you know, Beautiful is my favorite color?

    Boy: That’s a color. It is the color of your eyes.

  • Do you know the biggest difference between lovemaking and conversation? (NO) Let go upstair and let me teach you.

  • Are you mad? “,

    I hope you know how to give CPR because You aways take away my breath

  • I saw you girls from over there and just want you all to know that I I.

  • For a few moment, I thought I am in heaven. But I was wrong, I am still alliance and be someones has brought the heaven for me.

  • Are you a burger? Because you can be the meat between my buns.

  • Your body has 206 bones. But I will make it 207 soon.

Cute Pick Up Lines For Him 

  • You can call me a Garbage woman Because I want to handle a big junk like you in my entire life.

  • I also called as “The Firewoman“, Because I can turn on Hoes.

  • Are you a software engineer? Because that is a solid career choice with a great salary and a stable life.

  • You remind me of Twinkie. Every time I bite you, the yummy cream come out into my mouth.

  • Are you going to kiss me or am I going to have to lie to my journal?

  • Today I am going to show the smartest boy in the world (Show him, his face on the front camera.)

  • I will not look into your socks, I will match our underwear’s.

  • I am going to publish a phone book, Can I have your number?

  • Hey Man, are you the tiger from frosted flakes box? Because you are looking damm, Grrrrreat!!

  • Hey, you are the tiger of Frosted flakes. Because you are looking Grrrrrrrreat!!

Cheesy Pick Up Lines Dirty For Him

Cheesy Pick Up Lines Dirty For Him

Best Corny Pick Up Lines For Him For Tinder

  • Are you David Beckham? Because I’d Bend for you.

  • Did your driving license get suspended recently, Because you drive me crazy?

  • Did you just ring my heart’s doorbell? well, you can come inside at any time.

  • You are the way to hotter than the bottom of my laptop.

  • There are no seats over here, can I sit on your face?

  • I know why all call it beaver, cause I am dying for some wood.

  • I have heard you are a very bad boy. Bow just go to my room!

  • You are the smartest thief in this world. because you stole my heart without with a single clue.

  • You are a great smoke detector. You “, and annoying.

Best Corny Pick Up Lines For Him For Tinder

Best Corny Pick Up Lines For Him For Tinder

Hilariously Funny Pick Up Lines For Him

  • I am a super spy on a secret mission. Come on, if you want to live.

  • Let’s play the role of the carpenter. First I will hammer you and at the end, I will nail you.

  • If nothing last forever in this world. will you be my that nothing?

  • Nice shirt, It is fully made up of boyfriend material.

  • Are you a Veterinarian? Because I want you to look into my pussy :p

    Best Corny Pick Up Lines For Him

    Best Corny Pick Up Lines For Him

  • What kind o Uber you are?? Can you Drive long or short?

  • There are no seats over here, can I sit on your face?

  • You have all authority to do anything with me.

  • Attention: Please keep your distance. I might fall for you anytime.

  • You know what would make your face look better? If I sat on it.

I am sure you got your desired corny pick up lines for him. So, do share your experience with you so that we can guide other and make them confident too.


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