95 Corny Pick Up Lines For Her ~ BECOME FLIRT EXPERT

Using pickup line is an art which only few get by birth. But, don’t worry I am going to share some funny and Corny Pick Up Lines For Her which will help you to impress her in the first go. You don’t have to be a flirting expert to start chatting. You can use these cute & Funny pick up lines for her to impress her in seconds.  There are one liner and beautiful pick up lines for girl.

If you are looking for adorable pick up lines for her, you can grab that also from below. You can fire these cute and clean pickup lines to hit your identity on her mind for forever. You don’t have to worry to remember all of these as they are very easy small pick up lines to make her smile. Then smile will work for you as always.  So let’s begin…

Corny Pick Up Lines For Her

  • You are so superb that I wish I can grow a whole field of you!

  • An Amazing fact about penguin is that when they find their soul mate, They spend their whole life with them. Will you be my penguin? and stay with me for whole life.

  • I need the biggest glass of water because darling you are making the environment super HOT!

  • Hello, Excuse me,  You have dropped something over here. “WHAT??”  This conversation lets continue it tonight.

  • Are your parent’s Beavers?, because DAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • Are you a ticket for parking? because what I can see is FINE, Written all over you.

  • God gave us two hand, two eye, two year , but he gave us only one heart which you had stole from me in just a second.

  • There is only one and the only thing that I want to change about you for forever. That is your surname (Last name)

  • I always get wounds and cuts. Because every single day, minute and second I keep falling in love with you.

  • If you know someone’s name then try this: Hii [Inset NAME], How did you know my name? Isn’t every hot and beautiful girl have a name like yours?

  • So, here you are. The girl whom I was looking for everywhere.

  • You must be a smart thief. Because you stole my heart without from me.

  • Do you know? I want to go inside and bring the stiff one for myself.

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Corny Pick Up Lines For Her

Corny Pick Up Lines For Her

Best Beautiful Pick Up Lines For Her From Boy

  • I want to say something to you, But I am too scared to tell you in person. So I will leave the first 3 letters for you to say me.

  • was any person in your family a mechanic? Then how did you get such a well-tuned physique?

  • Are you a birthday candle. Because I want to blow you tonight.

  • If I could have you on my bed, Then we did not a blanket to keep us warm.

  • Please hold my glove for few minute. I usually warm them in front of a fireplace. but you are way too hotter than that.

  • look at the smart guy, Sensually lick your lips with the tip of your tongue. You are making me feel the love.

  • I have organised a huge sale in my bedroom right now. I will give the clothes at 100% Discount.

  • Best Corny Pick Up Lines For Her And impress her instantly.
  • If you were a tree then you must always stay evergreen, because I bet you look this good year around.

  • If I anyone give me 1$ for every time I think about you. I would have only one dollar… because you are always in my mind.

  • Whenever I looked back to my old sweet memories. The only things that come to my mind are the day when our child take birth, The day when we get married, and the day when I met you.

  • So, here you are. The girl whom I was looking for everywhere.

  • Your lips are so dry. Let me make it wet with mine.

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Adorable Pick Up Lines For Girl To Make Her Smile

  • Hi, My name is the Microsoft. Can you help me to crash my system tonight/

  • I just saw you the cute girl from there, I only wanted to let you know That I am taken.

  • I am not like the cartoon Fred Flintstone, But i can easily make a rock bed like him

  • I know you are having a busy and tiring day, but can you add me on your to-do list??

  • If I have the power to rearrange the alphabet, I must have put “I” & “U” Together.

  • Smile if you always wanted to stay with me. (And watch Him/Her try to hold back their laugh.)

  • Do I know you? Cause you resemble my next boyfriend/girlfriend.

  • I always wanted to say you something, But as always get scared to say you directly. So I’ll just let the first 3 magical words of this sentence day it for me.

  • You are a challan to me. because FINE is written all over you.

  • Hi, Darling, Feel my jacket, It is fully made of Boyfriend material.

  • There is a person who barely likes you. But he is little shy to tell you his feeling. But I will tell you who’s that person.

  • Just look on to the front camera, You will be the prettiest girl in the world.

Adorable Pick Up Lines For Girl To Make Her Smile

Adorable Pick Up Lines For Girl To Make Her Smile

Clean & Sweet Pick Up Lines For Her From a Guy

  • Would you touch me for a min, I can show off my friend That an Angel had touched me.

  • Do you have a name or can I call you mine?

  • Well Here  I am. What are your other two wishes?

  • I know a girl who likes you a lot. But if you were not shy, I must have made a new relation.

  • His, Now you owe me to drink because I dropped mine when I first looked at you.

  • Call someone with your finger and say, “I Made you come here with my one finger, Just imagine what all I can do with my whole hand.”

  • I am not that high baby, I am just intoxicated by you.

  • His, Stupid, I just want to say please give heart back.

  • Give me a photo of you, I want to show my Mother how my next girlfriend looks like?

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 Clean & Sweet Pick Up Lines For Her From a Guy

Clean & Sweet Pick Up Lines For Her From a Guy

Funny Pick Up Lines Dirty For Her

  •  On our last meeting, we played strip poker together. We both get stripped and I poked you.
  • Now I can happily accept death because I have seen a small part of heaven.

  • Do you know, beauty is my most favorite color? [GIRL: That’s not a color]. It’s the color of your eyes.

  • today I am going to tell you my feeling. Yo are like a fossil to me and I am an impatient palaeontologist who badly wanted to date you.

  • Can I hold you for a second? So that I can tell everyone that I have been holding an Angel.

  • You are like an appendix. I don’t know you but I always want, I should take you out.

  • If I were a king, then I must have introduced coins engraved with your photo.

  • Go up to a bar or join someone and ask him/her: So you want to have a ……(give a big pause) drink?

  • I have to visit an Eye doctor, I can’t take my eye off you.

  • NO ring? You should be someone’s husband.

  • I lost my big teddy bear. Will you sleep with mine?

  • You must be jelly Because A chunk of Jan never is shaken like this.

  • Well Here  I am. What are your other two wishes?

  • Hey, My name  [Your Name] and I can disappoint you in ways you have never imagined

Best Beautiful Pick Up Lines For Her From Boy

Best Beautiful Pick Up Lines For Her From Boy

How can I ask a girl for her contact number in such a way that she can not refuse?

Contact number or phone number is the for most important thing which you need after a conversation to sustain a relation for a longer run. So, here’s the trick, How can I ask a girl for her number? or various pickup lines to ask phone number for a girl.

  • I am so stunned with your charm and ora that I ran into that wall over there. So I need your name and contact number for the insurance purposes.

  • Hey beautiful, I just ended up reading the phone number book. But I just notices that I still don’t have your number.

  • This is so weird that I know all the digits of Pi, But I know zero digits of your phone number?

  • I remember every number in the telecom directory but I lost your no. I am gonna need to get that.

  • what’s a young, dynamic, energetic, and attractive person like me is doing without your phone number??

  • I just lost my number… Can I borrow yours?

  • I think there is something wrong with my mobile phone. I and not having your phone no.

  • Can I borrow your phone for a moment? [For What?] I just want to give a call to my mother and tell him that I Found my dream Girl/Boy.

  • If I get a nickel whenever I saw a beautiful girl like you, I would have five cents.

  • Why your lips are lonely? Let’s make then meet mine.

How can I ask a girl for her contact number in such a way that she can not refuse?

How can I ask a girl for her contact number in such a way that she can not refuse?

Which pick-up line works best with Indian girls?

An edition of pick up lines for Indian girl.

  • Do you know Dr Phil, He say’s I am afraid of Commitment. I just want to prove him wrong for life

  • His, I just noticed that you are looking around the room. I will give you a minute to catch your breath.

  • Aren’t your legs get tired? Because You are running my heart and mind all the night.

  • If you are a fruit, then you must be a Fineapple!

  • Hey, My name is [Insert Name], But you can call me tonight.

  • You are super hot and I am ugly. let’s get combine and make some average babies.

  • You are vaporising from your solid state. You are a sublime state.

  • Did I know you??? You look similar to my next boyfriend/ Girlfriend.

  • How was the paradise when you left it and take birth on this earth.

Best Dirty Pick Up Lines for Her 

  • I am not that much tall. I am sitting on my wallet.

  • Your lips are so sweet, that one kiss might give me diabetes for life. !!

  • I always say God bless you, but It looks he had already blessed you.

  • R u somehow related to Jean-Claude Van Damme? Because is Very hot!

  • The only thing that comes out of mouth when my eye fall on you are “I love you”

  • I didn’t think I was a snowman, but you just melted my heart for you.

  • When they act like they are in on the fun.

  • You have the cute and soft eye. Does the world look better for you?

  • You must be from Tennessee, coz you are the only Ten I see!

  • Are you Richard? Coz I have been looking for your whole day.

  • DO you like eating Mexican? because you are heating up my taco

  • You are the best coffee in the world: Dark, Strong and tall.

Enjoy these corny pic up lines for her and impress her like a prince charm.


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