Here best and Corniest Pick Up Lines to impress any girl/boy. Flirt is an art which only pro can do is just a myth. You just need confidence and courage to start a conversation with a girl / boy. You can use these amazing flirt pickup lines to use for a men or a women in party, bar or in club. You can use your charm to add on these pick up lines. There pick up lines are so well written that you can easily do conversation with any one.

These Corniest pick up lines are very funny, hilarious that you can use on tinder or whatsapp. Few pick up lines are short and small that you can easily remember. In just fraction of seconds you can memories and implement these on Lady/ Gents in front of you.

SO, All the best Dude… You can easily do it!!

Corniest Pick Up Lines Ever For Guys

  • I am sure polar bear must have a lot of issues with them, they do not have any other criticism about their weight.

  • pull up a young lady going on a street nd ask her, “Excuse me, can you show me the direction..” She will start asking the destination with curiosity until i say “to your home?” then she walked away and said, “Nice try.”

  • Boy: “Hey beauty, Try to feel my  the

    Girl: “Oh really nice, What it made out of?”

    Boy: “Totally Made up of Boyfriend Material”

  • You Dad must be a terrorist? that why he has produces such a bomb.

  • Can I follow you till home? Because My parents taught me from childhood to follow your dreams.

  • It’s a good that I am having my library card. Why? Cause I am totally Checking you out!

  • If I compliment you that you have an amazing body, will you hold it against me?

  • I am sure your legs must be crying on fatigue because you are running on my mind all day long.

  • You are like a picky toe. the cute, small and odds where I am going to bang it everywhere.

  • Do you have Map for reference? As I am lost in your eyes.

    Best & Corniest Pick Up Lines Of All Time

    Best & Corniest Pick Up Lines Of All Time

  • Can I borrow a quarter? For what? I want to call my mother and want to tell her that I met my dream girl.

  • You know what all I feel about you – it is same like that you are a fossil and I am an impatient paleontologist, who badly want to date you.

  • If I have the super power to change the alphabet, Then I must have put ‘U’ and  ‘I’ together.

  • That Shirt is very becoming on you. If I was on you, I would be coming too.

  • The Heaven must be missing an Angel. Because the Angel is with me.

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Corniest Pick Up Lines Ever For Guys

Corniest Pick Up Lines Ever For Guys

The Corniest Pick Up Lines For Girls for Tinder

The pickup lines below are short and funny which you can easily memories.

  • You are so pure and fine, that I will drink your bath water.

  • Are you a religious person? Good, I am the answer to all your prayers.

  • Are you a dictionary? You are adding all the meaning in my life.

  • Kiss me for every wrong answer. But Dinosaurs Do exist.

  • Do you have Band-Aid in First-Aid Kit? My knee just got scratched while falling off for you.

  • Is thereby any airport nearby? Then why my heart is taking off??

  • My love is like Diarrhoea, I Just can’t hold it.

  • How does ti feel to being the most adorable and beautiful girl in the room?

  • Just received a call from Vogue.

    They just want you on their cover…

  • I bet you 100$ that you are going to turn me down.

  • Are you a Jamaican, Because of Jamaican me crazy.

  • Your legs must be tired because you run all night on my dreams.

  • I am a boy! You are a girl! Now you can do the Math!

  • You lip too lonely… can It meet mine?

  • I know I have very low chances, but I want to hear angels talking.

  • You must me made up of the magnet Because I I toward you.

  • Do you have a sunburn or you are always hot like today?

  • If you are hamburger of McDonald’s, you would be a McGorgeous.

  • There must be something wrong with my eye, I am not able to take them off from you.

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Corniest Pick Up Lines For Her

The Corniest Pick Up Lines For Girls for Tinder

The Corniest Pick Up Lines For Girls for Tinder

Short & Corniest Pick Up Lines Of All Time

  • Beautiful legs. What time do they open?

  • You have an amazing head. It would look adorable next to other ones in my freezer.

  • If you want to hit a girl or boy who is a science lover, then use this pick up line.

  • I have noticed that you are noticing me and I am just giving you notice that you can notice me! So cool!

  • Was your father a thief? because someone has stolen all the stars from the sky and places on your eyes.

  • You eyes are blue, like the sea and I want to lose on this sea baby.

  • If you are a suite, then you must a Fineapple.

  • How does it feel to be the most Beautiful, Adorable and pretty girl?

Nerdy Pick Up Lines 

  • Very Funny & Corniest Pick Up Lines Of All Time

    Very Funny & Corniest Pick Up Lines Of All Time

  • Please give me your number. Because I lost mine.

  • Give a call to police. Because it is totally illegal to look so good.

  • Can I get your cell phone number? As I have lost mine.

  • I must be in heaven, because What I can see an Angel standing in front of me.

  • I may have seen you somewhere. Maybe In my dreams….

  • I am not a genie, but I can make your all dreams come true.

  • You have nice pant. Can I test those zipper?

Short & Corniest Pick Up Lines Of All Time

Short & Corniest Pick Up Lines Of All Time

I hope you like these corniest pick up lines and definitely gonna use on someone. Don’t forget to like, share and comment below.


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